New Equipment

Oakland MT-2000 Series Tensile Tester BRDA II Ply Bond Tester

BRDA II Ply Bond Tester

Automated, Digital, Ply Bond Determination for Multi-Ply Paperboard and Paper

The BRDA II Ply Bond Tester is a new generation of ply bond testing instruments for use on multi-ply paperboard. Sensing actual delamination force required to split the sheet at its weakest layer, the BRDA II brings new accuracy and ease of operation to a previously subjective test.

This instrument splits the test sheet between two rolls. It measures the actual force required to split the sheet while ignoring the peaks encountered at the start and finish (ends) of the test sheet giving a more accurate picture of the internal strength of the sheet. Previous versions of this test relied on a subjective measurement of power consumption while the operator attempted to manually pick a peak. This instrument, rather than peak determination, integrates the breaking forces through the center portions of the test specimen.